Meet The Team


Dr. Lovie Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

Lovie Hobbs is and has been involved in the online home-based business industry for 10 years. She is a home-based business Online Entrepreneur of several successful internet based businesses and a Blogger. Lovie is a Doctor of Naturopahy, Real Estate Investor and
U.S. Army Veteran. She loves the idea of helping others pursue their dreams. She does this by offering them an Online Business that gives them time, freedom and the  income to financially take care of  their needs while they pursue their Destiny.

Caleb Linsey

Chief Operations/ Financial Officer

Caleb Linsey is the Chief Operating and Financial Officer of CSES. Caleb graduated from Point University in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. At age 31, Caleb has over 10 years of operating customer service experience.

Rosalind McClain

Human Resource Manager

Rosalind McClain is our Human Resource Manager. She is in-charge of CSES Affiliate Partner Program.  Rosalind has over 20 years experience in health care as an OB/GYN Triage Nurse and shares a lot of experience with providing excellent customer service.


Irene Thomas

Human Resource Representative

(Texas Region)

Irene Thomas currently serves as our Human Resource Representative. With a degree in Business Administration and  experience lasting over 25 years, she works closely with all prospects, and current employees of CSES.


Destiny McClain

Human Resource Coordinator

Destiny McClain currently serves as our Human Resource Coordinator. She orchestrates the engagement and recruitment of new people desiring to join our platform.

Marcus Lanier

Marketing Director

Marcus Lanier is the Director of our Marketing team. With his B.A in Marketing, he has the innovative eye that is responsible for broadcasting CSES to the general population.